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The Local Outings Club

Diary of Events

The Local Outings Club is for those members of the Association Des Amis who wish to discover or learn more about Central Brittany and its local heritage - history, religion, culture, customs, crafts and nature (landscapes, fauna, flora etc.).  Francis Le Lay, who knows Central Brittany so well, suggests an interesting visit each month, with commentary provided by the owners or by highly-qualified specialists, in both French and English.


Since the start of the club in September 2016, varied outings have taken place such as:

  • St Pierre's Church and St Gildas's Chapel at Carnoët

  • the Church and Radio Kreiz Breizh broadcasting station at St Nicodème

  • Monsieur and Madame Chambry's modern farm at Duault

  • St Pierre's Church and the Menou biscuit factory (and its museum devoted to  old shops)

  • Royden Jenkins's tree garden at Lohuec

  • Patrick Morin's Breton spaniel breeding farm at Keranlouan, Callac

  • the volcanic lava quarry of Milin-ar-Stang at Lohuec

  • the remembrance stone of Kerhamon at Duault

  • Martin Vaculik's organic farm at Lesmabon, Duault

  • Lohuec, the history of its former low furnaces and the remains of slag in the local forest.


The visits usually take place on Monday or Wednesday afternoons.

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Updated 07/11/2019

Tuesday Club

If you are interested, please contact Catherine Sinclair, President of the Association:

                (telephone: or email: