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Photo Club

Diary of Events

The Photo Club, run by Michael, has a dozen regular members, French and English, some beginners, some more advanced, who engage in or want to engage in digital photography.  The club usually meets one Saturday each month from 14:30 to 16:30.  


The usual meeting place is at the prefab by the lake in Callac, except for the "photos-of-the-month" sessions when we meet at the Kerbuannec building, room 1.  


Each quarter, there are, in rotation :

  • 1 session ” Photo of the Month ” (September , December, March and June)

  • 1 session of ”Theory and Practice

  • 1 session to practise in situ.


The themes for the Photo of the Month are always given a few weeks in advance to give everyone time to complete the assignment.  The photos are viewed and commented on, and the members present then choose the Photos of the Month .

Every year, the Photo Club runs one or two exhibitions. For 2020, the annual expo theme will be a "free theme" under the title " My way", as in "I did it my way". Each member chooses and presents their own photos; the number of photos will be the same for everyone.


This year we have had an offer to display our annual expo photos in the new bio shop, Vertuose, in Callac. Due to the space available I propose we exhibit about 15 photos at a time, changing them each week. Our first batch will go on display on the 30 June with weekly changes throughout July.


We also again have access to the room beside the library in Callac from the 6 June (preview) to 20 June.

Remember this year the choice of photo displayed is entirely yours; the club will get the images developed as usual and depending on the number of members who wish to exhibit, I anticipate about 5 photos each.

The dates for the next three months are:

  • Saturday 22 February 14h30 at the lakeside hut in Callac - practical session - composition ideas

  • Saturday 28 March 14:30 at Kerbuanec, room 1 - This is a photo-of-the-month meeting; the themes are glass, luggage and free theme

  • Saturday 25 April 14h00 Kerbuanec room 1 - review of exhibition photos

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Updated 0702/2020

Tuesday Club

If you are interested, please contact Catherine Sinclair, President of the Association:

                (telephone: or email:

The themes for this session were trees, transport, and of course a free theme; nine members submitted photos in each of the three categories and the following winners were selected:

  • Trees and transport were won by Catherine  

  • The free theme was shared by Keith and John

Well done to all!

Photo of the month competition - December 2019

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