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Social Events

Diary of Events


Every year, the Association Des Amis runs several events to enable members from different clubs and activities to meet and make new friends.



We all have our own tastes and interests, so we try to propose various enjoyable events. For the past few years we have met for :

We obviously want these friendly get-togethers to continue, but we are also on the look-out for new opportunities. Under consideration are:

  • outings that cut across the interests of several clubs, such as :

          - an outing to Abbaye du Relecq (Finistère)

          - an outing (one day or two days) to La Gacilly (Ille-et-Vilaine)

          These could appeal to members of the Photo Club, Gardening Club, Art Club, Foodies Club and Walking Club ...

  • a bring-and-share meal (in the style of "fetes des voisins" where everyone brings a dish to share)

  • a wine-tasting evening (the one we had in 2017 was a great success)

  • a bingo session (or maybe several if the first one goes well.


We welcome other suggestions for social events by members of the Association Des Amis ; if they are feasible, we will try to put them on.

  • an annual meal at a local restaurant, trying different restaurants every year

  • a barbecue or a hog roast

  • every week or so at the Tuesday club

  • three book-swaps

  • a preview for each of our art or photo exhibitions.


    Last year, we initiated three quizzes which were all successful.

    In November we held a Book-swap, and a Quiz - both well-attended and enjoyable events.

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Updated 20/03/2020


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Recent Events

Quiz - 30 November

Trying to remember ...

Quizmaster Annie

Quizmaster Colin and the half-time buffet

Entente cordiale

The winning team

Prizes for the winners and runners-up


Gateaux des Rois - 12 January

thumbnail_IMG_6841 thumbnail_IMG_6837 thumbnail_IMG_6842 thumbnail_IMG_6834 thumbnail_IMG_6840 thumbnail_IMG_6833

Just one more ....

Quiz - 7 March

We had our 5th quiz on Saturday, 7th March:  another opportunity to spend time together, make our brains work, chat with our old friends and meet new ones. Nine teams competed this time and the winners were "The Auld Alliance", with "Les Quizerables" in second place. The very reverse of last time in November! Will there be a team to beat them next time?

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