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Strollers & Ramblers Club

Diary of Events

The Strollers and Ramblers Club welcomes members of the Association Des Amis who love walking or hiking, strolling or rambling. The walks vary in length - some are just 4 or 5 kilometers, some are up to 12 kilometers, and they range from easy to more challenging. They usually take place once a month on a Friday.


Some walks are local to us in Central Brittany, while others are further away, along the coast of the Côtes d'Armor for example.


Paul has been running the club for several years. Over the past two years he has encouraged other members of the club to suggest walks and rambles they know very well and find particularly attractive, and they have taken on the "ownership" of them from A to Z, planning, organizing and leading them on the day.

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Updated 01/07/2020

Tuesday Club

If you are interested, please contact Catherine Sinclair, President of the Association:

                (telephone: or email: [email protected]).

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Recent Events

13 March Lanrivain - 7km - Medium


A group of members met at Lanrivain and walked from the village of St Antoine to the lake of Kerne Uhel, discovering the magnificent chaos of Toul Goulic, a superb escape in the Blavet Valley. Miraculously the weather was kind, and the landscape looks stunning from the photos. The members' efforts were rewarded with lunch at a restaurant in Lanrivain.

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The last "supper"?

Next Event - Friday 19th June - Trebrivan


We are able to meet again for walks provided we do not exceed a maximum of ten people in the group.

Therefore we propose a walk led by Françoise on Friday 12th June, meeting at the car park behind the church at Trebrivan at 2pm.

The walk is easy, approximately 6/7 km lasting around two hours. If you would like to participate please respond ASAP.

Friday 19th June - Trebrivan


On Friday 19th June, the Walking Club had its first outing since the lockdown in March. Nine "intrepid" members of the Association walking group took part in a walk led by Francoise Dugay.


We started in Trebrivan from the church in the centre of the town, where a waymarked series of walks of differing lengths is signposted.

The walk followed a series of undulating field paths, lanes and wooded trails, with lovely views of the planted wheat fields and crossed several streams. The weather was fine until we got to the crossroads where we had to choose between 6 and 9 km. The rain decided for us. After two hours we went back the shortest way to our cars. It was a nice walk despite the rain during the last two kilometres. We were tired but happy to be enjoying each other's company again.

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