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Art Club

Diary of Events

If you are a complete beginner or an amateur painter, and want to share a little of your time with other artists, our club may be for you.  We are an amateur group of French-speakers and English-speakers that like to paint but also to meet, exchange ideas and have a good time together.


The club meets on Friday afternoons from 13:30 to 16:15 in the prefab by the lake in in Callac.


We each have our techniques and favourite themes, but we know that we can learn from each other.  We also help beginners if they need advice.  We have the equipment available for them to take their first steps so they are not required to invest in the first place.  We do not have a teacher assigned but occasionally we ask a professional artist or a connoisseur to show us how he/she works and teach us new techniques.

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We organize two or three exhibitions a year in Callac and in Central Brittany.

If you want more information, contact Catherine:

(email to or telephone

Updated 28/10/2019

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Examples of members' paintings

Tuesday Club