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Art Club

Diary of Events

If you are a complete beginner or an amateur painter, and want to share a little of your time with other artists, our club may be for you.  We are an amateur group of French-speakers and English-speakers that like to paint but also to meet, exchange ideas and have a good time together.


The club meets on Friday afternoons from 13:30 to 16:15 in the prefab by the lake in in Callac.


We each have our techniques and favourite themes, but we know that we can learn from each other.  We also help beginners if they need advice.  We have the equipment available for them to take their first steps so they are not required to invest in the first place.  We do not have a teacher assigned but occasionally we ask a professional artist or a connoisseur to show us how he/she works and teach us new techniques.

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We organize two or three exhibitions a year in Callac and in Central Brittany.

If you want more information, contact Catherine:

(email to [email protected] or telephone

Updated 19/06/2020

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Examples of members' paintings

Tuesday Club thumbnail_20200612_160049

"Inspired by toucans" by Jayne


Decaying rail wheels by Jayne 

Some art class news:


I have spoken to the Cafe de la Place in Callac and they are happy for us to show some paintings. They do not have a lot of space so I suspect we will only be able to show one or two paintings each.  I have suggested that we hold the expo in July. If anyone has any objection or suggestions please let me know by Saturday.


I got an update from Catherine as regards our use of either the cabin by the lake or the building near Intermarche for our art class.

The good news is that the electricity at the cabin is now fixed.

The bad news is that the mairie requires a series of cleaning up measures and social distancing for the duration of the class. For instance:

  • Only 10 people in the class

  • Everyone must be seated

  • Everyone must occupy their own  2 by 2 metre space (4 m² per person)

  • We must clean the room after each class using mairie-supplied cleaner. And in the building by Intermarche, that includes the floor.

  • We are not allowed to serve coffee or tea or nibbles.

Since we are basically in the summertime now, and we usually pause the class for the summer, Catherine and I agree that we should suspend the class until September when we hope these restrictive measures are relaxed. Let me know if you disagree or have any other suggestions.

Some of us have been meeting in small groups on Fridays in our houses. I hope we can expand that during the summer months, maybe have some art days outside. In addition Couleurs De Bretagne is starting up, a series of free painting competitions where some of us participate each year. Message me if you are interested or just turn up. This is the website.

There are ways to participate in art events this summer, just keep in touch. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.



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