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La Chorale des Amis

Diary of Events

The "Chorale Des Amis" currently welcomes more than twenty non-professional singers, a friendly group discovering a varied musical repertoire (classical or popular, secular or religious, traditional or modern), sung in several languages.




Each singer comes with their own vocal and musical capabilities. The idea is to create a group in which the various voices either blend together or respond to each other harmoniously. The choir leader encourages the singers to enjoy the resulting harmony, and to show the result to the public with concerts from time to time.

The 2019-2020 programme includes Mozart's Te Deum, Cimarosa's Magnificat and works by Vaughan Williams, Parry, etc...


Rehearsals are on Thursdays from 19:30 to 21:00 at the Kerbuannec building (room 1).


Contacts :

                 Marie-Renée Cazabon, choir leader : 02 96 45 02 81 

                 Catherine Sinclair, President of the Association : 02 96 45 95 94 or [email protected] 

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Updated 14/08/2020

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Recent Events

Christmas Carols – Salle des Fêtes, Calanhel - 21 December

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7 August 2020


Dear Members of the Choir,


Some time ago, I sent you a message hoping to find out your news. I also explained how difficult it would be to continue with rehearsals at the Kerbuannec building. Unfortunately, not many of you replied to my email, and now several months' of silence have passed.


I hope you are still being very careful and following the sanitary rules without feeling too sad about it. I often think of those of you who cannot see or hug your families at the moment.


I think about our Chorale des Amis every single day : we need and want to sing. Catherine Sinclair and I have often spoken about the future of the Chorale des Amis, but because of the official guidance given to choirs, I have to consider several elements :


1. we need to find a new venue for our rehearsals, one that would be more spacious and less cluttered than Kerbuannec


2. there are more than 20 of us in the choir


3. the age and the health of the choir members


4. the choir leader's age and health


5. our plans for concerts (venues, audience, etc...)


6. and, until further notice, the necessity to wear a mask while we are singing.


You will understand only too well that these points concern us all. Some choir leaders disregard the instructions, I just don't know how they can do so... but as far as I am concerned, I would be heart-broken and devastated if one of you fell ill because of our singing conditions. It is the responsibility of me and Catherine to ensure this does not happen ...


So I don't yet know when we can start singing again. But I can tell you that it will not be at Kerbuannec, but at Calanhel where the room can hold 20 singers, respecting social distancing. We can use the "salle des fêtes" either on Mondays or on Thursdays.


Additionally, we know that singers project "aerosols" much further than when people speak. That is why we have to keep our masks on during rehearsals. Do you think you would be able to sing with a mask on ? I have tried, and I find it very uncomfortable.


So, it will be wise for us to wait for new updated instructions from the government. I hope that the pandemic will not return and that we will be able to meet again very soon and return to the music we were working on.


Keep well, « bon courage » to you all. I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon.


Marie Renée

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