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Keeping in Touch

Diary of Events

During this difficult time, it is important we keep in touch, show we care and support each other.

We can't run any events or clubs at the moment, but we would like to keep our website alive to cheer everyone up!

You will find photos, links, jokes, cartoons, little games (puzzles, charades, crosswords...), poems, etc.


We rely on you all to join in by sharing YOUR photos, YOUR favourite links, cartoons or jokes, YOUR poems, etc... We need you... Obviously, nothing controversial as we need to respect everyone's opinions, beliefs and feelings.  


You can send your files by clicking on the following link: [email protected]

A window will open for you to write your message and/or send your file(s).

(Please note! Unfortunately the link does not seem to work for users of Windows 10 (and perhaps other Windows versions).If this is what you are using, then send your email with your files to [email protected]

Updated 26/04/2020

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